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4 foot Personalized Multicolor Diamond Pattern Bench
For the ultimate in custom branding, consider our personalized, multicolor benches. These Diamond pa..
4 foot Oglethorpe Bench
The Oglethorpe bench is handmade similar to the Northgate bench. The difference between them is that..
10 foot Standard Perforated Bench no back - 11 .5 inch wide seat
This basic perforated bench has our pattern of ½" holes. It's a bench of simple sophistication..
15 foot Personalized Multicolor Perforated Bench
This standard perforated bench features personal-ization in any two of our 16 colors for a message t..
46 inch Octagonal Perforated In-Ground Table
We make our 46" perforated table with a 7" chamfered corner for an octagonal style. The 11 gauge ste..
46 inch Square Perforated Table
This single post table has its seats attached on arms and requires mounting in concrete to secure it..
8 foot Picnic Portable child size Perforated
This children's picnic table seats a large group of children. The table height is 24 ½" tall a..
12 foot Portable Perforated Metal Picnic Table
We also offer standard picnic tables in 11 gauge perforated steel tops and seats. Our picnic tables ..
46 inch Tall Perforated Chair
The C-2 Chair is designed for outdoor café, recreational dining, bar, and food court use. Their stu..
4 foot Rolled Form Armless Diamond Pattern Bench
Our Diamond pattern bench is also available in this armless style. 11 Gauge steel Cast iron legs - 1..
4 foot Steel Rod Bench
The heavy-duty steel rod bench is a blend of beauty and simplicity. Half inch steel rods are indi-vi..
4 foot Standard Expanded Metal Bench with back - 11 .5 inch wide seat
4 foot Standard Expanded Metal Bench, with back - 11 .5 inch wide seat..
46 inch x 58 inch Expanded ADA Table 3 seats
In order to meet federal ADA standards, the table is 46" x 58" with three attached seats and one sid..
36 inch Round Expanded Portable 4 chairs
A perfect addition to cafés and streetscapes, this 36" table has four attached chairs and is ready ..
46 inch Square Surface Mount perforated child size
We also make a perforated version of our 46" square table for children. The table top is 24 ½" tall..
8 foot Surface Mount Expanded Metal Picnic Table
Our standard picnic tables have plenty of room to seat large parties. Our weatherproof thermoplastic..
4 foot Single Post Expanded Metal Picnic Table
Single post style suspends the entire picnic table and seats on a single square post. 9 Gauge expand..
4 foot Cast Iron 1468 Bench - mahogany
This classic park bench is available in your choice of red oak, treated ash, or mahogany. Benches ar..
5 foot Personalized Perforated Bench
Our personalized perforated bench features a pattern of ½" holes for an urban, modern style at home..
5 foot U-Leg Wire Bench no back
This backless bench is made from sleek, welded wire coupled with the distinctive U-legs made from 3"..